The Online Energy Audit

Clarity| Authenticity| Power

How would it feel to finally uncover what’s been holding you back from the success you want?

To show up authentically and in your FULL power?

To feel confident - in yourself, your abilities AND your next steps?

If you’re ready to feel all those things and more - the Online Energy Audit is the perfect solution for you. 

It’s for you, if you’re a soul-led entrepreneur who’s ready to peek under the bonnet and discover what’s been holding you back from achieving all the things you want. 

To finally understand EXACTLY what conscious and subconscious energy and mindset blocks have been keeping you back from the joy, happiness, abundance and success you deserve.

AND GET THE NEXT STEPS you need, to start clearing those blocks and achieving all you want in life and business.

"Gain The Clarity You Need, To Start Making The Changes You Desire."

But first up, here’s what you need to know…

  • It’s normal to have blocks
    But that doesn't mean you need to keep them!

  • It’s normal to feel like you’ve hit a wall and something’s holding you back
    But that doesn’t mean you’re not good enough or will never be confident enough to reach for what you want. 

  • It’s normal to feel frustrated and stuck at times too
    But it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with those feelings and aren’t cut out to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • It’s also normal to not have a clue as to what your blocks are
    I mean, they’re often tucked away in your subconscious, hiding away from prying eyes.

But if you're feeling there's something that needs shifting and you’re holding yourself back in some way, then you need to find out what it is and gently remove it…

Otherwise you’re going to continue feeling frustrated, niggled, stuck and blocked, until you uncover what’s causing those feelings and how to solve those subconscious blocks. 

And at an energetic level - those blocks and feelings weigh down your energy, block it from flowing freely, and stop you living in full alignment and flow with yourself. 

So why not do it sooner, rather than later - and get on with owning your power and creating the life and business you want?

During this 60 minute Energy Audit you’ll be asked a series of questions, designed to deep dive into your conscious and subconscious beliefs. These will highlight where those blocks are and what beliefs they REALLY relate to. Things like:

  • Self Sabotage

  • Self Worth

  • Self Trust

  • Money Patterns and Beliefs

  • Fear of Judgement

  • Upper Limits Around Abundance

  • Being Deserving of Joy

  • Fears Over Owning Your Expertise

  • Impostor Syndrome

  • Visibility Fears and Comparing Yourself to Others

You’ll then receive a personalised report, identifying your conscious and subconscious blocks and mindset challenges, along with key energetic and self development areas to work on, to help you reach your goals.

It’s then up to you to work on those issues if you want to clear them - and you can choose to do that on your own or with my help. 

The Energy Audit is just £97. That’s incredible value, when you’re stepping away with complete clarity on what blocks holding you back, and insights on how to clear them.

Testimonials - What My Clients Say About Working With Me...

The audit was very well structured and gave me a lot of clarity on where I am and what exactly do I need. Sarah's support and energy are pure magic!

I took action straight after the session ended and started seeing results within a week! I also have plans to keep doing those audits with Sarah every quarter - that's how much I enjoyed it!

Kenz Soliman - Her Digital Business

I had a wonderful Advanced Atlantean Energy Healing chakra session with Sarah. She held a lovely relaxing space and I felt held throughout.

After the session I had a lasting feeling of calm and inner peace, and felt a deeper connection to myself. It was a gorgeous way to raise my vibrational energy. I'd definitely recommend a session with Sarah

Helen Price - Holistic Business Mentor

I don't consider myself to be spiritual or woo in any way but I found myself intrigued enough to want to find out more about energy clearing. I booked a session with Sarah and told her how sceptical I was. She was really lovely and talked me through the whole process.

During the session I was really surprised and fascinated to notice physical reactions within my body, as well as mental. A few weeks on I have to admit that I am amazed. I feel like a weight has lifted and I feel fabulous.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah. Her expertise and guidance made the whole experience both interesting and transformative.

Clare Tebbett - Marketing & Business Strategist

"Finally Know How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Step Into Your Power, Abundance, Joy And Flow."

What You Will Experience...

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Call

    Once payment has been received you’ll be able to book in our personal session together, at a date and time that suits you. The call will take place via Zoom video call and during this call and I’ll ask you several questions, noting down your answers as we go. 

    It’s a safe place for you to be honest about what's going on and to also have a Certified Energy Healer's eyes on everything.

  • Immediately After The Call

    Shifts will already start happening, as a result of our call together. The questions will bring things to your awareness, and you’ll feel a renewed sense of clarity from simply being honest with yourself.

    You'll feel ready for change and to clear the way forward. There’s a good chance you’ll also feel energised, excited and eager to make those changes!

  • Receive Your Personal Report

    I’ll go over your responses and compile your personal report, once the call is over. 

    This will then be emailed over to you and will identify your conscious and subconscious mindset issues and energetic blocks, along with key energetic and self development areas to work on, to help you reach your goals.

  • After You Receive Your Report

    You can integrate all you’ve learnt during our session together. You’ll step out with renewed confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities, confident in your next steps and able to step into your power and show up authentically.

    And of course, you’ll be able to reach out with any questions you may have about the call and your personal report.

It's time to stop...

  • Ignoring how you feel

  • Minimising the impact of stuck energy on your body, your health, and your business

  • Being defined by those energetic blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Thinking of your body as just the physical body you see

  • Pushing so hard

And finally step into your power, abundance, joy and energetic flow.

Why I Do What I Do...

Hello! I'm Sarah

Soul Energy Alignment Coach, Podcaster & Entrepreneur, Founder of the Your Soul Sparks Brand.

My mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and New Earth leaders like yourself, better understand themselves, so they can step into their soul’s highest frequency and achieve true life & business freedom.

One where they’re living and working in ease and flow, honouring their values, mission, ethics and integrity, and creating abundance, wealth, love, joy and fun, along the way.

I love seeing my clients align with themselves at a deep soul and energetic level, so they can step into the highest version of themselves and create the positive impact they’re here to create. It’s why I do what I do.

My vision is to leave a legacy that goes way beyond me, and leave an imprint forever on NEW Earth.

So my friend, you now have a clear choice to make...

You've read this far, so you're clearly interested in booking an audit, getting the clarity and answers you want, and in making positive changes.

So will you choose to do that - or will you keep going on as you are:

  • Staying stuck and unclear on what the issues are?

  • Keeping on repeating the same mistakes over and over?

  • Staying with feeling unaccomplished and unfulfilled?

  • Not working in energetic alignment with yourself?

  • Keeping a limit on your potential for abundance, joy and happiness?

Where you keep feeling stuck and frustrated, knowing those energetic blocks can also lead to physical ailments, stress and depression, because you're out of kilter with yourself.

To keep pushing yourself forward and wearing yourself out, because you feel like nothing is working for you?

Why would you choose to do that... when you know this Audit is available to you and offers the first step to turn it all around?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the session delivered?

Your 60 minute Energy Audit call will take place via Zoom. This ensures they can accommodate clients no matter where in the world they are.

Is it just one call?

It is a single 60 minute call. But it isn’t ‘just one call’. It's a deep dive into what energetic and mindset blocks may be holding you back. Those blocks could be holding you back from showing up in your power - and making more sales and growing your visibility and business, as a result.

You also get a personalised report that details what's going on for you, in your own words. This details the specific blocks you have and the next steps you need to take, to solve them - regardless of whether you want to work on them with my help or by yourself.

Is it a single one-off payment of £97?

Yes it is! Our call together will be conducted once payment has been received - and your PDF report is also included in the price.

Will I be able to record my session?

You are welcome to record your session. You’ll be given permission to record it to your own device, at the start of our call together.

Is it really personalised, or is it a generic reading?

The audit itself uses proven and tested questions to dive deep into your mindset and energy blocks. The report that is then created for you is based on the answers you give to those questions, so is totally unique to you.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the time invested in your Energy Audit call, there is a NO REFUNDS policy in place.

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