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Empowering spiritual entrepreneurs and New Earth leaders better understand themselves, so they can step into their soul’s highest frequency and achieve true life & business freedom.

One where they’re living and working in ease and flow, honouring their values, mission, ethics and integrity, and creating abundance, wealth, love, joy and fun, along the way.

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You Only Get One Life...

So it's imperative you make time for what's important to you.

And being happy and fulfilled has to take priority.

So let me ask you - are you happy? Are you creating a life and business that's in flow and harmony with your needs and wants, your energy, your dreams and goals?

Because being spiritual isn't a prerequisite for being happy, becoming authentic, or stepping into alignment with yourself.

If you want all of those things, you need to put in the time and effort to better understanding yourself. You can then use what you've learnt to ensure you know how to get the most out of yourself, in order to live your potential, raise your frequency and step into alignment with yourself.

Only when you know yourself at that level, will you feel complete, whole and loved - and an energetic match for the things you want.

And When It Comes To Your Business...

I know - you 'just' want a successful business, then you'll be living your purpose and mission, helping thousands of clients and generally floating on happiness cloud 9.

But pinning happiness on a future goal isn't the way to achieve it, as this means you'll always be wanting external things in order to feel a certain way internally.

Wouldn't it be better to work on yourself and raise your energetic frequency, so you know how that feels internally - and then create your external world and business to reflect that?

That's why I do what I do. I'm here to ignite that soul spark so you connect with yourself at a soul level, so you are able to fully love and trust yourself, raise your energetic frequency so you can activate happiness and serve your purpose, and then go on to create your own version of life and business success - because together we ALL rise.

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Obsessed with personal development since 2004

3/5 Manifesting Generator in Human Design

Lover of crystals, books & chocolate

Hello! I'm Sarah

Soul Energy Alignment Coach. Podcaster & Entrepreneur

I'm on a mission to help thousands of women just like you, to live in soul’s highest frequency, so they have real authentic alignment and true life and money freedom.

My vision is to leave a legacy that goes way beyond me, and leave an imprint forever on NEW Earth.

I'm a qualified Soul Energetics® Practitioner, Life Coach, CPD, IAPC&M, accredited Online Business Consultant, Certified Conscious Energy Clearing Method® practitioner and Atlantean Advanced Energy practitioner. 

This wasn't the first time I worked with Sarah, but it was my first time doing this type of work and I'm blown away! My energy shifted so much. I was stuck in a rut for almost 3 months and after only 3 sessions I was able to move forward, feel a lot better, and start feeling like myself again and got lots of my overdue projects finished.

Sarah's compassion and support meant so much for me and the way she holds space for you, without judgement and with full safety, is something I wish I had years ago. I still have more sessions booked in because I'm kinda addicted to these now, haha! One of my best investments this year already!

Kenz Soliman - Her Digital Business

Soul | Energy | Alignment

The Soul Energy Alignment Framework® I've created, uses a dynamic fusion of business strategy, woven in with Soul Energetics® and New Energy healing alchemy, to empower my clients to raise their frequency and authentically step into their power, so they can create lasting impact and change in the world around them.

Here's how that framework works for you...

It starts with you. All the changes you want to make, living in your full potential, and stepping into life and business alignment.

Learning who you are at a soul level, is key to understanding why you're here, what makes you tick, and how to own your unique strengths and traits.

It's why I take all my clients through a Soul Discovery call before they start working with me. It enables us to discover your Soul Energetics® Numbers, Profile, and Energetic Design.

Once you know who you are at a soul level, you can start bringing yourself into energetic alignment and understanding how to work with your natural Energetic Design.

You learn to trust yourself and your feelings, when to lean in and when to rest, honour your natural energetic cycles, and use soul-based rituals to support and honour yourself.

That's when you truly step into your power and can see what is (and isn't!) in soul and energetic alignment with you.

And that's when you can ramp up alignment in life and business!

You're able to manifest what you want to bring in, and gently let go of anything that is no longer aligned with you. Business and life are brought into balance with you - as boundaries and values are honoured, you know your worth, surround yourself with the right friends and clients, plus you're clear on your goals.

And of course, you're living a soul-led life of happiness, joy, abundance, wealth and love along the way!

I had a wonderful Advanced Atlantean Energy Healing chakra session with Sarah. She held a lovely relaxing space and I felt held throughout.

After the session I had a lasting feeling of calm and inner peace, and felt a deeper connection to myself. It was a gorgeous way to raise my vibrational energy. I'd definitely recommend a session with Sarah

Helen Price - Holistic Business Mentor

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Work With Me

If you're looking for support, then my paid solutions are here! They include bespoke 1:1 coaching, energy clearing bundles, as well as one-off Soul Discovery calls & audits - you're sure to find something that will suit your needs & budget.

I don't consider myself to be spiritual or woo in any way but I found myself intrigued enough to want to find out more about energy clearing. I booked a session with Sarah and told her how sceptical I was.

She was really lovely and talked me through the whole process.

During the session I was really surprised and fascinated to notice physical reactions within my body, as well as mental. A few weeks on I have to admit that I am amazed. I feel like a weight has lifted and I feel fabulous.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah. Her expertise and guidance made the whole experience both interesting and transformative.

Clare Tebbett - Marketing & Business Strategist

Here's Something For You...

Raise, Shift & Activate Your Soul Frequency With These 50 Frequency Boosters!

Guaranteed to raise your spirits, shift stuck energy & generate those feel-good, soul-aligned vibes.

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