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I'm Sarah.

Soul Energy Alignment Coach, host of the Your Soul Sparks podcast and Entrepreneur. I'm here to empower you to step into your soul's highest frequency and achieve true life and business freedom.

I've been obsessed with personal and spiritual growth, love crystals etc, since 2004.

Through my work, it is my intention to help spiritual entrepreneurs and New Earth leaders bring business and life into unity, so they can better understand themselves, step into their soul’s highest frequency and achieve true life & business freedom.

Where my clients are living and working in ease and flow, honouring their values, mission, ethics and integrity, whilst creating abundance, wealth, love, joy and fun, along the way.

So what's the inspiration behind my brand?

As a Soul Energetic® Practitioner I use a combination of Numerology, Human Design and Atlantean Advanced Healing, to help my clients align with themselves at a deep soul level, so they can step into the highest version of themselves.

Energetic strategy plays a huge part in what I do, which is why I work with the 15 chakras of the New Energy system and also use Energy Clearing Codes® to help raise your energetic frequency and clear energetic blocks that may be holding you back from the results you want.

Together we also create an ongoing spiritual practice of protection, healing, alignment and ascension, that is unique to you and will fully support you at a soul and energetic level, as you step into your leadership role in life and business.

Together we then create the business strategies that will best support your goals and big picture dreams, whilst also aligning beautifully with your values and beliefs. These will enable you to work in authentic alignment with your energy and natural flow, whilst giving you the clarity and confidence to be a New Earth leader and create the impact and success you know you’re here to create.

As a 3:5 Manifesting Generator (Maslow Architect), Soul Path 6, nurturing deep and meaningful relationships on an individual and community level is so important to me. It enables me to meet clients where they’re at, supporting them as they grow, leading by example and each becoming a catalyst for change...

Because together, we ALL rise.

Early in 2007 was the moment I realised that everything was falling apart, so I could rebuild it.

I remember how that realisation started - me sat in my car, crying my eyes out. I'd managed to drive to work, but I just couldn't seem to be able to get out of the car to go into work. It had been building up for months, the feeling that something wasn't right. The deep sadness I felt, the disappointment in my life, the stress, depression, wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

And in that moment, I could no longer hold it all inside. My body needed to release it - and it did that in the form of snotty, gut-wrenching sobs.

I wasn’t ready (or brave enough) at that time to fully embrace all that needed to change, if I wanted to be fully me and fully happy. But I did make progress - if you can call a depressive breakdown progress! I left the job and started really delving into self development. I qualified as a Life Coach, as well as an EFT Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner, started writing the books I'd always wanted to create and even started my own copywriting business.

But I didn't fully awaken to my soul’s mission until later in 2022.

When I'd finally had enough of not being authentically me and decided happiness and alignment were things totally in my control - if I was brave enough to take the leap.

And I took that damn leap.

I ended my marriage, moved out and started doing what I needed, to live a life of alignment, purpose and happiness - on my terms.

It was then I fully claimed my power and fully began my ascension journey.

It’s why I now have a deep empathy along with a wealth of experience I can share with my clients.

You see, it wasn't until I started to shift and heal myself at a soul and energetic level, that I gained the strength to step fully into my authenticity and power.

And seeing how powerful it was for me, meant I was determined to bring those same benefits to my clients.


Accredited Online Business Strategist

Certified Soul Energetics® Practitioner

Certified Conscious Energy Clearing Method® Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

Atlantean Advanced Energy Practitioner

And that brings me to you

The reason I do what I do - my mission is to help 1000’s of women just like you, to live in soul’s highest frequency, so they have real authentic alignment and true life and money freedom.

That's why I share my experiences, insights and tips - garnered from 16+ years entrepreneurial experience and mixed in with a lifetime of spirituality and personal growth - to help move you forward.

You see, I know how frustrating it can be, to feel stuck and like you're not getting anywhere. Feeling lost and unsure of next move.

I know, there's a bit part of you missing. You're not sure of who you are anymore - you just know at a DEEP level, that you're not being fully yourself.

You want to feel happy and joyful - but don't know how to make that happen. Want to feel fulfilled and successful - but in a way that feels right and aligned for you.

And you're tired of waiting - to feel ready, to have the answers, and for that big lightbulb moment to arrive.

Of thinking there's something wrong with you or you're broken in some way.

Frustrated of trying to fit in everyone else's boxed version of who you should be - in life and with your business.

I'm here to help you REMEMBER who you are - at a soul and energetic level. To help you CREATE a life and business that feels amazing to you, because it's authentic, aligned and joyful.

Because it's time for you to step into your power, stop trying to fit into any damn box - and start being totally and WHOLLY YOU, on all levels.

You're worthy of happiness, joy, abundance and fun.

You're capable of creating your own version of success - and I can help you achieve it.

You weren't meant to fit in - you're meant to step into Soul Energy Alignment and be uniquely you.

You see, you weren't meant to fit into someone else's version of you. And you weren't meant to create a life and business that fit's into their version of success...

You're meant to be uniquely you.

And to design a life and business that fits YOUR defininition of success.

And I get it, that can bring up all the fears and feelings...

Scared to make a change or make a move, if you don't feel ready or know what the next steps are.

Feels weird and uncertain, to lean into trust.

Wanting certainty of success, before you make a move, or looking for the motivation to be there, before the action is made.

Hoping if you follow what other people are doing, you'll feel better as a result.

Taught that life is about achieving, when it's actually about being.

Thinking learning more will give you more knowledge to solve your 'problem'.

But the only certainty is this...

If you continue doing what you're currently doing - you'll keep getting the results you're already getting!

So why not make the decision to do something different, be someone different - BE YOU!

To start listening to the whispers of your soul, honouring how you feel, and trusting that inner guidance knows the way.

Because it doesn't matter who you are, or where you're at - if you're reading this, you know your ready.

And you're not alone on this journey of change, because I'm here to help you step gently into Soul Energy Alignment, so you can raise your frequency, create your reality, and achieve true life and business freedom.

So you can create the change and impact you KNOW you're hear to create!

If you've read this far - thank you! I know how valuable your time is, so I'm honoured you've taken time to check out who I am and what I'm about. And I really hope it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship together.

You can always connect with me via Facebook and remember to join my mailing list, to get all the latest offers and continue learning ways to create Soul Energy Alignment in your life and business.

Sending you loving vibes,

Sarah xx

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