Ways To Work With Me

Interested in getting deeper into my work? You're in the right place! Here's a breakdown of the different offers I currently have available - so you can figure out what's right for you.

It's time for you to step into...

My Mission

My mission is to empower you to live in soul’s highest frequency, so you have real authentic alignment and true life and money freedom - one where you're living and working in ease and flow, honouring your values, mission, ethics and integrity, and creating abundance, wealth, love, joy and fun, along the way.

Private Coaching

12 x 60 minute sessions (existing clients)

14 x 60 minute sessions* (new clients)

My private one-to-one sessions are for you, if you're ready to get the support you need, to fully step into Soul Energy Alignment at a personal and professional level. These sessions can be held on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and are completely bespoke to you.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing support with your business or life, energy or mindset, balance and flow, these sessions include Soul Energetics alchemy, Energy Clearing Codes and practical business or life coaching, as needed - all underpinned by ‘The Soul Energy Alignment Framework®’.

Existing clients - £1,111

New clients - £1,554*

(*Also includes a Soul Discovery Call and an Energy Audit)

This wasn't the first time I worked with Sarah, but it was my first time doing this type of work and I'm blown away! My energy shifted so much. I was stuck in a rut for almost 3 months and after only 3 sessions I was able to move forward, feel a lot better, and start feeling like myself again and got lots of my overdue projects finished. Sarah's compassion and support meant so much for me and the way she holds space for you, without judgement and with full safety, is something I wish I had years ago. I still have more sessions booked in because I'm kinda addicted to these now, haha! One of my best investments this year already!


Advanced Energy Healing

4 x 60 minute sessions

This Advanced Energy Healing package combines the most powerful techniques to create permanent change and accelerate success.

The Advanced Atlantean Full Body 15 Chakra Cleanse helps deep-rooted blockages and emotional imprints at a cellular level, whilst The Energy Clearing Codes® will shift and release trapped energy from your energy field.

Together, they awaken your truth, raise your vibrational frequency and help you fully step into energetic alignment with yourself at a soul level.

Package price - £444

Soul Discovery Call

1 x 90 minute session

Discover your unique soul’s calling and mission, along with your energetic design and insights into the best energetic working practice for you.

During this 90 minute session you’ll get the insights you need, to step into alignment and flow. A combination of Numerology, Human Design and Soul Energetics®, enable us to dive deep into your characteristics and strengths, get a clear understanding of how to step into your natural rhythm and flow, as well as how to align with your purpose and power.

Walk away with a personal report, daily rituals to support you, a breakdown of your cosmic year and months, to give you an insight into the best energetic working practice for you.

Session price - £222

I had a wonderful Advanced Atlantean Energy Healing chakra session with Sarah. She held a lovely relaxing space and I felt held throughout. After the session I had a lasting feeling of calm and inner peace, and felt a deeper connection to myself. It was a gorgeous way to raise my vibrational energy. I'd definitely recommend a session with Sarah.


Online Energy Audit

1 x 60 minute session

Get clear on what conscious and subconscious energetic blocks are holding you back from the success you want. Together we will talk a look at the mindset issues and self development areas that are (and aren’t!) working for you, before using The Joy Code to release any upper limits and beliefs that may be holding you back from receiving more joy in your life.

You’ll also walk away with a personalised report that highlights the key energetic and self development areas to work on, if you want to show up confidently in your power and in alignment with your goals.

Session price - £97*

(*Can upgrade to a combined business & energy audit for £149)

21 Days To Soul Energy Alignment

Mini-course emailed over 21 days

This is the perfect introduction to The Soul Energy Alignment Framework. You'll be surprised how much you'll learn during this time together!

This email course is full of value - in fact it's worth more than the £33 price tag. You have daily emails and workbooks, as well as a mini masterclass to watch.

You'll end the 21 days with a deeper insight of yourself as well as lots of practical action steps to start creating alignment in your life and business..

Mini-course price - £33

I don't consider myself to be spiritual or woo in any way but I found myself intrigued enough to want to find out more about energy clearing. I booked a session with Sarah and told her how sceptical I was.

She was really lovely and talked me through the whole process. During the session I was really surprised and fascinated to notice physical reactions within my body, as well as mental. A few weeks on I have to admit that I am amazed. I feel like a weight has lifted and I feel fabulous. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah. Her expertise and guidance made the whole experience both interesting and transformative.


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Your go-to podcast for learning how you can create, build & run a successful, happy aligned life & business - one that feels good & gives you the abundance, freedom & stability you need, while you create the impact & change you want!

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The home for the Your Soul Space videos. A perfect place to watch each week's podcast, along with mini training videos, along with tips & advice for stepping into Soul Energy Alignment & creating a life that fits your definition of success.

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If you're someone who prefers to read your content, why not head over to the blog? It's the perfect place to read tips & advice around Soul Energy Alignment, as well as how to create an authentic, aligned business & life to suit you.

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