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Welcome to the Your Soul Space Podcast Show!

Your go to podcast for learning how to create, build & run a successful aligned life & business - one that feels good & gives you the freedom & stability you need, to create the impact & change you want.

This podcast provides you with the honest, realistic, practical tools & advice you need to follow your heart, spark your soul, & create YOUR version of life & business freedom.

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Sarah McKenna, is a Soul Business Mentor, online business entrepreneur, qualified life coach, published author & host of the Your Soul Space Podcast Show. She is also an IAPCM, CPD accredited Online Business Consultant, Certified Energy Healer, & Soul Energetics® Practitioner.

Her own ascension & business journey began in early 2007 - the moment when everything felt like it was falling apart in order to be rebuilt. But she didn't fully claim her power & embrace her ascension journey fully, until 2022. She hit the big 5-0, burned her old business to the ground, filed for divorce & decided to do whatever was needed to step into her soul's highest frequency & create her own version of life & business happiness.

Sarah's extensive life & business journey has given her a wealth of experience & knowledge, as well as empathy & insights she can now share with her clients, to help them step further into Soul Energy Alignment & authenticity in both life & business.

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