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#1: Doing What It Takes

October 04, 20231 min read

The concept of ‘doing what it takes’ is something that many people struggle with - especially as it can seem quite scary and overwhelming. It’s so often used by others and ourselves to force or “push” us forward with the actions we take, to make progress in our business and life.

It can so easily feel like a bulldozer to your feelings, thoughts, nervous system and energy!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The fact is we do need to step out of our comfort zones, if we want to move forward. But we want to do that in a way that still feels good. So in this week's episode I share 7 tips to reframe how we perceive ‘doing what it takes’ into something that's more motivating and feels more aligned for us.


I'm sharing with you:

  • How to face your fears - in a non-pushy way!

  • Ways to work with your energy, not against it.

  • The simple word switch to reconnect in with your why.

  • An easy visualisation technique that helps you step into the future you

  • A simple exercise I do to celebrate my wins

Because ‘Doing What It Takes’ is a phrase that doesn’t have to cause us unecessary stress or anxiety. It doesn’t have to stress out our nervous system and cause fear or panic in us. It’s a phrase that can really help us step more into who we are, in an aligned and easier way - because THAT’S going to help support us and motivate each of us as we grow as individuals and move towards achieving life and business freedom.

Prefer to watch videos, rather than read? You can watch this week's episode below!

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