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#2: Stop Emotional Overwhelm

October 04, 20232 min read

Working for yourself is often stressful and the overwhelm it can cause. But overwhelm isn't just caused by practical things - such as your to-do list, tech and not having enough hours in your day. The uncertainty of clients, fears around earning a certain level etc and whether you’re going to succeed in business or not can also cause another type of overwhelm to manifest - emotional overwhelm. 

Essentially, it can lead to spending far too much time thinking about things you have absolutely no influence over. And when you do that, you struggle to focus on what’s truly important to you. You struggle to focus on what you need to be doing in this moment. You’re too busy worrying about a future that hasn’t yet happened.

And that type of overwhelm affects your wellbeing and happiness and can’t be solved by simply eliminating things off your to do list.

And the reality is, there are so many things you CAN’T control. And if you’re focusing your time and energy on those things, your head is never going to switch off! Imagine the impact it's also having on your body, your nervous system, your emotions. How it's limiting your ability to live and work on a conscious level, your ability to connect and trust your intuition and soul guidance. Imagine how it’s impacting on your ability to serve your purpose, live your mission, make your dreams come true. 


In this week's episode we're going to be looking at:

  • What emotional overwhelm is and how to spot it

  • Those things you can (and can't) control

  • How to free up your head space so you can ease that overwhelm and be happier and healthier in the process

  • Giving yourself the things you need

  • The mind, body, soul connection

  • How to control your mind

  • The part other people and your environment play - and how they take up space in your head

There are so many things you can’t control and the key is acknowledging what they are, so you can let them go. Only then, can you stop melting your own head with emotional overwhelm and choose to focus instead, on the small number of things you can control. Not only will that help with overwhelm, but it will also improve your wellbeing and happiness levels.

Just know that emotional overwhelm can be a symptom for so many things - from OCD through to depression. I’m not a medical professional and everything I’ve shared here today is as a result of my own experiences of emotional overwhelm and stress. So please, do get professional help if you feel like your emotions, thoughts or feelings of overwhelm are getting in the way of your everyday life - at home or at work. Your mental and physical health has to be your top priority, no matter what.

Prefer to watch videos, rather than read? You can watch this week's episode below!

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