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#5: How To Be Kind To Yourself

October 18, 20232 min read

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. It takes a special kind of person to even start out on that path, you need to have ambition, drive, determination and the belief, confidence and trust in yourself. The fact you’re already on that journey, is amazing and something to be celebrated!

And yet, we’re often the first to berate ourselves when we’re not yet where we want to be.

It's time we started being kinder to ourselves and learning to appreciate the journey! So that’s why I'm talking about how you can be kinder to yourself, in today's episode.


We are going to be covering:

  • The frustration you can often feel, as part of that entrepreneurial journey.

  • The two key things we need to give ourselves, if we want to stay motivated and positive.

  • How to use timelines and dreams more effectively and in a way that feels good.

  • Why gratitude is so important - and how to improve our gratitude practice.

  • The importance of belief and self care.

  • When to celebrate and why it's crutial we switch up our measures of success.

  • Learning to drown out the noise and feed our inner magic.

  • Building a supportive community and how this may look.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and there will be times where you doubt yourself or things don’t appear to be how you want them to be. But all businesses have their quiet and busy periods. Numbers will fluctuate, there will be quiet times and you’ll have moments of frustration and celebration all along your entrepreneurial journey.

And it’s the same with life - it too, will have its ups and down. The key to surviving them is being kind to yourself. Know that you’re doing what you can, with the tools you have, at this specific moment.

And you have a choice at each moment too. You get to choose whether you want to berate yourself for where you currently are, or celebrate where you’re headed. So I hope the tips I’ve shared with you today help you stay kind to yourself in any given situation, whether it be business or life.

Prefer to watch videos rather than read? You can watch this week's episode below!

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