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#4: Stepping Into Soul's Alchemy

October 11, 20231 min read

Soul energy alignment is something that’s at the core of everything I do. When you step into true alignment with your soul, you step into your true calling magic happens and you benefit in so many ways.

And when you step into soul alignment you speak your truth and come from a real place of power - you become the goddess and warrior you are!

But that ‘soul alchemy’ that comes when you’re in alignment at a soul and energetic level is also something many don’t fully understand or utilise. The term ‘alchemy’ is seen as a bit weird or ‘woo woo’ and far out. And is often shut down, as we’re discouraged from accessing it and using this valuable tool we’ve been given.

So in this week's episode we're looking at what alchemy you're already tapping into, and what you can do to tap into it more!


We're going to be covering:

  • The daily habits that illustrate how you're already tapping into your alchemy

  • How to get more into alignment with the magic within you

  • Easy ways to connect in with your soul and visualise your future self and life

  • How to lean into trusting more

  • The action steps you need - it's not all about wishing and dreaming!

Stepping into your soul’s alchemy is something I really encourage you to do. It enables you to step into your soul’s higher frequency, speak your truth and come from a place of authentic power - helping you step further into alignment and create a life and business you love.

Prefer to watch videos rather than read? You can watch this week's episode below!

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